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Latest News & Updates

July 9, 2010
SCAQMD finalizes Rule 1144 that regulates the VOC 
content of metal working and rust preventatives. Dodge
Oil was the only oil company actively engaged in the
rule making process. Dodge Oil and our trade
association "ILMA" developed the actual test method
that was based on Dodge Oil's in house evaporation
study as mentioned in Rule 1144.
Please contact us to see how the rule will effect you.

Dodge Oil, an independent family owned business, is dedicated to serving the needs of the metalworking industry as well as any other industry that uses oil or chemicals. We offer a total line of modern fluids and lubricants that are designed to improve your productivity and profitability. We offer free drum and bulk delivery to the Los Angeles basin area. Our core strengths are service, technical expertise, and reliability.

One of our many target markets is metalworking shops, including metal removal, metal forming, and forging shops. We service the greater Los Angeles area. Our trucks make daily free deliveries from Ventura in the north to San Diego County in the south and Palmdale to the east. We utilize common carriers for deliveries outside our delivery area. Also, we use brokers for our export and import business. Dodge Oil has the dominant share of the straight oil metal removal market, and is the leading supplier of metal forming lubricants. Also, Dodge distributes high-technology coolants and metal forming lubricants for Fuchs Lubricants, Wallover Oil, and Molecular Products. Dodge sells specialty metalworking oils to other distributors. Our company can also meet any of your warehouse needs from storing products, delivering and shipping products, and toll blending. We also have a bottling line for any of your contract bottling needs.

At Dodge Oil, we believe we are selling value and service, not necessarily lubricants. We offer the following to our customers:
        • Integrity and honesty
        • Excellent value
        • Free next day delivery
        • The broadest range of products available in Los Angeles
        • The most experienced and knowledgeable sales force

We want long-term customers; we still sell to the first customer Bill Dodge brought to the company over 45 years ago! Basically, we want to be the prime resource for all your lubricant product & information needs.

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        Maywood, CA                     Cudahy, CA